For many people, casinos are a fantastic social attraction to visit during a night out. As well as socialising with others, you also have the chance to win some extra money. However, millennials no longer consider a casino a main attraction on a night out or when visiting a new city. As a result, the industry has had to adapt and find new ways of attracting people to the gambling industry.

Obviously, the most common way that millennials are getting into casino games is via online casino sites. Online sites seems to have been a fantastic way of getting new people involved in online gaming. There are casino specific gambling sites, however sites like Paddy Power, who also provide sports betting services, offer casino games to their users such as blackjack and roulette are the main types of sites which millennials are attracted to. These sites may well have also tempted people to try out land based casinos for the first time!

Many millennials sign up to gambling sites as soon as they are of gambling age and immediately try to win some extra money in their spare time. However, there are some millennials who end up trying online sites after seeing an offer or promotion which catches their eye. The majority of offers which online casino sites send around are no-deposit bonuses. This allows new users to play with “free money” and try out some of the games which are available on the site. Although these may be restricted to a certain amount of games, it does give millennials a taster of some of the games which are available to them. Many of these users may enjoy

It’s not just promotions that have attracted millennials to online casino sites. Playing on an online site means that there is a variety of game modes available for people to play. The traditional casino game modes such as blackjack are still available to play, but there are different variations of game modes and skilled based games to play if players want to try something different.

It is clear that these promotions and the various game modes available have been successful so far in getting millennials into the industry.

It’s not just online sites that are attempting to attract a younger audience. Skilled based casino games are also being introduced into land based casinos in an attempt to attract millennials. Millennials have been brought up playing games which require some sort of skill such as video games and mobile games. Although there are certain games already in casinos which require skill, such as blackjack, there are other games which players have less control over such as slot machines. Casinos in Australia have recently introduced skill-based slot machines, which resemble video games, in an attempt to attract the younger generation of gamblers. These machines are usually only available in physical casinos at the moment, but they could soon make it onto online casino sites to attract more users.