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If you are looking for NCAA news, this is the best basketball app for you. In addition to watching games, you can get coverage of March Madness so you will immediately know which teams have been eliminated and which are moving on to the next round.

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Get quick access to the news you care about most by keeping your team’s updates in a custom feed. The app packs your feed with up-to-the minute news and real-time info from dedicated insiders.

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From football to hockey, the CBS Sports App has got you covered on playoff news. For example, if you are looking for up-to-the-minute coverage on the Stanley Cup, this is the best hockey app to use for exclusive coverage.

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The sports that matter to you will always be easily accessible through the app. By using custom navigation settings, you control which sports news stories have the number one place in your feed. You are always one step ahead of your friends with the latest news and stats when you use the CBS Sports App.