The Casino strip in the Las Vegas is known all around the world. However, have you ever wondered, how this casino strip came into existence before the casino online era ? If no, then following is the history of the Las Vegas casinos. The first casino to be built in the Las Vegas was the Highway 91, which was first built in the year 1931. However but the first casino to be built in the strip was El Rancho Vegas, which was first constructed in the year 1941 and had around 63 rooms.

Following the first casino, there were a lot of casinos build in the strip in Las Vegas. Some of the notable casinos that were build in the early periods include the Arrowhead Highway, Flamingo, The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and others. Recently, there are also casinos being coming in the Las Vegas strip and the strip has now been attracting a lot of players from all corners of the world who come to play the various casino games.