Enjoy the Lowest House Advantage

Roulette is a deceptively simple game that is easy to understand and play. That makes it one of the most popular of all casino games, and one that can pay out long odds when luck is on your side.

There are two primary types of roulette that most people play -- European and American. Each is very similar, but with three major differences that make European roulette the best bet for smart players.

The greatest difference is the house advantage. European roulette only gives the house a 2.65 percent advantage. American roulette has a 5.26 percent advantage.

The difference in house advantage mostly comes down to the number of green spaces and corresponding 0 and 00 numbers on the American playing wheel. If the marble lands on either or those numbers, or colors, you lose.

European roulette, though, only has a 0 on the wheel's only green space. That is one less chance for you to lose, and greatly reduces the house advantage against you.

With the lower house advantage, you stand a much greater chance of parlaying smart plays and timely luck into a lot of money.

La Partage Rule Protects Your Wagers

Another advantage European roulette offers is its unique La Partage rule, which can return half of your cash on a losing bet.

If you wager on an even number, and the marble lands on 0, instead of losing all of your money, you get half your bet back. You are still down some cash from that bet, but not nearly as much as when you outright lose.

When you bet on an even number, the la partage rule in European roulette knocks the house advantage down to an incredibly low 1.35 percent, which makes it one of the best bets on any casino floor.

En Prison Rule Gives Back Your Cash

Another special rule that makes European roulette a better bet than its American counterpart is the en prison rule.

The en prison rule is a subtle variation of la partage. When you wager on an even, and the number comes up 0, the house will hold your wager for the next spin.

If you win on the next spin, the house will return all of the prior losing bet. That gives you one extra chance to recoup your losing bet. It also reduces the house advantage to 1.35 percent on that wager.

With one less space that can cause you to lose, and the la partage and en prison rules of European roulette, wise bettors should seek out and play the European version as often as possible.