Mahjong is considered to be one of the oldest games in the world. At the same time, this is one of the most popular games of all time. Unlike other games that are mostly based on luck, this one requires calculation, strategy, skills, and patience. Of course, there is a certain level of luck involved in the gameplay, but this makes it even more exciting. Thanks to modern technology, people today can play mahjong over the Internet too. Thousands of people around the globe are using this opportunity and many of them are using online casinos to play. Obviously, the ones that are skilled and experienced have a chance to win a significant amount of money.

This game was first played in Ancient China and even back then, it was a gambling game which involved money and goods as a prize. Today, people can enjoy in different versions of this game online. It’s easy to find a version you prefer and start playing right away. In addition, it is possible for a few players to play it at once. The minimum number of players is three, while the maximum number is four. As we said before, online casinos are the most popular virtual places where people can get involved in this kind of entertainment. When people start playing this game they usually forget about other casino games because this specific game requires dedication and commitment for the best results. Players prefer online casinos because these establishments are available at any time of the day and they can play for hours if they want. In addition, many of these popular casinos found on the Internet are offering attractive bonuses for their players – both new and existing.

Playing over the Internet

It looks like the number of forms of this game is growing every year. It is obvious that online casinos allow their designers to unleash their creativity making this amazing game even more spectacular. Each of these forms is played all over our planet. Some of the most popular forms include Sichuan, Pursers Bone, American, Chinese Classical and Cantonese. A typical game set of the online version of this game comes with 144 tiles. In addition, it has three suits usually called Chinese (bamboo and circles), clubs and spades. When it comes to tiles, players can match designs like flowers, marine life, Egyptian symbols, warning signs, medieval fantasy, space, astrology, nature motifs, and different kinds of signs.

Every suit involves 9 cards that come with numbers starting from one and ending with nine. In addition, they are further categorized as bonus tiles which represent eight flowers with a total of 24 tiles; four winds that include 16 tiles displaying west, east, south and north; a wind indicator gadget for setting the wind in each game and three dragon sets which have 12 tiles that display white, red and green dragons. There are also three dices involved in the fame too.

Playing mahjong online guarantees the best experience and a possibility to earn money.