Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas – 2 guys sit excitedly in the lounge bar, watching the big screens and waiting for the next Keno draw, as they’ve done a hundred times before.  They don’t have to wait for much longer, the next draw is only 2 minuets away and their minds wander as they dream of winning the jackpot, a common aspiration considering their location. 

This is one of over a hundred places to play the popular lottery game Keno on the strip, but let’s think digital for a second.  Online Keno games are also one of the most popular online lottery games in todays modern gambling culture.  Although this comes as no surprise, what is funny is that Keno is one of the oldest forms of lottery games in history,originating from ancient China, yet it has survived the test of time; arriving in online casinos and still thriving in an arena mostly dominated by online slots and big progressive jackpots. 

Keno games – why are they still so popular with todays online casino players?

The main reason for this is that online Keno games are one of the easiest online games of chance to play.  You are given 80 numbers from which you can choose up to 15 numbers to wager on.  Once you’ve selected your numbers you just click the play button and sit back to enjoy the excitement of the draw to see if you’re numbers come up.  The draw is facilitated by the online casinos RNG (random number generator) and during the draw all your winning selections are matched automatically for you.  If your numbers do come up, then depending on how manyyou chose to bet on before the Keno draw, you can win huge cash prizes stretching into the millions.It has been likened to the game of online bingo, both have 80 numbers to choose from and both are social games but Keno is a much simpler lottery game with a faster draw. 

Free Keno games can be a fun way to try online Keno out before playing for real money

Although there’s no miracle method when it comes to playing online Keno games, some people always have systems they use to try to win big money.  What is a good idea is to try out different types of keno games by playing free Keno games online to see which you like before playing for real money.  There are many different types of online Keno games made by some of the leading online casino software developers in the industry.  Companies such as Betsoft, Microgaming and Rival Gaming have made some of the best variants of online Keno and others, such as 1x2 Gaming, make crazy game types such as Keno Kick Off, Monkey Keno, Kenolab and Kenotronic. 

There are other types like Game King Four Card Keno, a twist on the normal keno plus games like Cleopatra Keno Online. There are also of course a multitude of straight Keno game variants to choose from too and even some versions of online Keno that feature 40 balls.  It’s a good idea to use these free online keno games to practice as much as possible, this way you’ll learn to manage your bankroll and get a feel for the game.  There are also many gaming sites that offer free Keno games, no download or installation is required for these types of games. 

What does the future hold for lotteries, online Keno and Keno games in general?

Online keno remains one of the most popular online games of all time, with billions spent and won every year across the United States and Europe by gamblers and casual players.  It can be played at 99% of online casinos and even on social gaming platforms like Facebook.  You can even play on your mobile devices as its available for mobile casino and there are online keno apps for your smartphones (you’ll find lots of free Keno games for Android and iOS for example) and tablets also.Its popularity looks to remain due to its simplicity and also the fact that you can win life changing sums of money. 

Despite its simple nature and origins, Keno is one of the most exciting and fun online games of chance.  If you choose to play online Keno games remember to gamble responsibly and have fun but most importantly, good luck!