There is a saying that says, ‘the house always wins’. It is actually true when it comes to an online casino, and on mobile casinos as well. However, there is a payout percentage that makes sure that the casino gets the amount that it had set out to get at the start of the month or whatever period that it had set. The payout percentages are actually formulas that calculate how much people will win or lose at the end of the day. this is true to most games as well, weather you play poker, roulette, or slots. in fact all the games will yield a certain percentage of house earnings.

How an online casino payout percentage works might be one very hard nut to crack but to tell the truth, it is a very simple calculation. For example, a casino that has 10 slots games and wants to have a 90 percent payout, every dollar that’s played for will get the players 90 cents and get the casino 10 cents. This will not happen on every spin that happens but it will be an average of all the winnings and the losses not to mention the jackpots paybacks to the players over a long period of time. This is to mean that this figure will be reached at after millions and millions of spins.

An online casino will make adjustments to each individual’s games so that at the end of the day, the winnings will still remain where the casino wants them to be. It is common knowledge that penny slots will always pay out at a lower rate as compared to the dollar machines. All the same, the final people who will give the final say at the payout percentages are the government agencies who work at regulating the casinos. To make sure that there is fairness in all casinos, the government agencies have made sure that there is a minimum payout percentage. These agencies will always conduct regular audits to make sure that there is nothing illegal going on.